Fortescue and Jan De Nul Group Collaborate on Sub-Sea Cable Project to Transport Green Electrons from North Africa to Europe

Australian green technology company Fortescue and Belgian marine contractor Group have joined forces to lay sub-sea cables, facilitating the transmission of green electrons from North Africa to Europe.

The agreement, inked in Rabat, Morocco, by Fortescue chairman Andrew Forrest and Jan De Nul executive chairman Jan Pieter De Nul, marks a significant step towards advancing transmission .

This collaboration builds upon the previously established joint venture between Fortescue and OCP, aimed at supplying , , and fertilizers to Morocco, Europe, and international markets. The joint venture encompasses plans to explore the development of manufacturing facilities and a research and development hub to propel the renewable energy industry's growth in Morocco.

Fortescue's Dr. Forrest emphasized the immense potential of transporting renewable electrons from Morocco and North Africa to Europe, providing industries and consumers with an alternative to carbon-emitting fossil fuels. He highlighted the impending imposition of carbon taxes globally by Europe through its Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, underscoring the urgency to transition to renewable energy sources.

Jan De Nul echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the significance of electrification transition worldwide and the efficiency of direct transport and consumption of green electrons in reducing global energy demands. With Jan De Nul's expertise, skilled workforce, and advanced fleet of construction vessels, including cutting-edge subsea cable laying vessels, the collaboration is poised to facilitate the energy transition seamlessly.


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