Neoen Signs Major Solar Power Agreement with SNCF Energie in France

, a renewable energy company, has recently inked a significant corporate power purchase agreement (PPA) with , a division of 's national railway operator dedicated to procuring electricity for its train network. The agreement, spanning 25 years, entails SNCF Energie purchasing the entirety of electricity and associated guarantees of origin generated by Neoen's forthcoming 139MW Le Couret agrisolar park situated in Haute-Vienne, France.

Scheduled to commence construction in 2026, with commissioning expected in 2028, the Le Couret project represents a pioneering endeavor in France, as it will emerge as the country's largest solar park operating under a PPA arrangement with SNCF. Neoen, adhering to its established develop-to-own model, asserts that all requisite authorizations for the photovoltaic array have been secured, ensuring its seamless integration into the grid.

Innovatively, the Le Couret solar farm will not only serve as a hub for renewable electricity production but also accommodate sheep farming, fostering a symbiotic relationship between agriculture and energy generation. Neoen highlights the collaborative efforts between the company, local authorities, and the Chamber of Agriculture, emphasizing the project's commitment to both sustainability and community engagement.

Guillaume Decaen, Neoen's development director, expressed gratitude for the collaboration with SNCF Energie, stating, “We are delighted to announce the signing of this PPA in France and we thank SNCF Energie for their trust.” He further underscored the company's long-standing commitment to agrisolar initiatives, dating back to 2019.

Meanwhile, Olivier Menuet, President of SNCF Energie and director of ecology and energy transition at SNCF Voyageurs, emphasized SNCF's dedication to responsible energy practices, remarking, “As France's number one consumer of electricity, we have a duty to be exemplary.” He lauded the agreement with Neoen as a testament to SNCF's commitment to procuring renewable energy.

, General manager of SNCF Energie at SNCF Voyageurs, commended the scale and innovative approach of the contract, stating, “We are particularly proud of this contract, because of its size – it's probably the largest solar park under PPA to date – and because of the agrisolar component.”

Xavier Barbaro, Neoen's chairman and chief executive, concluded by expressing appreciation for the company's achievement, affirming, “Our growth in the extremely promising corporate PPA market is based on the quality and competitive strength of our projects and our demonstrated ability to bring them to fruition.”


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