RWE Inaugurates Largest Onshore Wind Farm in France

German energy giant RWE has unveiled its latest venture in , marking a significant milestone in the nation's renewable energy landscape. The newly inaugurated Nouvions onshore wind farm, situated in the Aisne department of Hauts-de-France, represents RWE's most substantial operational wind project in the country to date.

Comprising 11 turbines with a capacity of 4MW each, the wind farm is poised to make a substantial contribution to local electricity generation. Developed in close consultation with the surrounding community, the project is a testament to RWE's commitment to sustainable energy practices and collaborative engagement with stakeholders.

According to , Chief Executive of & Australia, the inauguration of the Nouvions wind farm underscores the company's dedication to expanding its green energy portfolio in France. Wünschel emphasized the collaborative nature of the project and hinted at future extensions, reflecting RWE's mission-driven approach to fostering an inclusive energy transition.

“The Nouvions wind farm, RWE's most powerful onshore wind farm in operation in France, is the result of a successful collaboration with our local partners, and a future extension is already in the ,” stated Wünschel. “As a mission-driven company, our priority remains to lead an energy transition that benefits everyone while maximizing advantages for local residents.”


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