Kyon Energy to Construct 20-MW Battery Storage Facility in Northern Germany

In a move to bolster renewable energy integration and grid stability, German energy storage innovator has been granted authorization to erect a cutting-edge 20-MW/40-MWh energy storage facility in Schleswig-Holstein, the northernmost state of the country.

Set to be stationed in the township of Großenwiehe, the facility aims to store surplus energy generated from renewable sources and redistribute it during peak demand periods, thereby fortifying the local supply. Kyon disclosed on Wednesday its intention for the system to actively engage in both the balancing and wholesale electricity markets, thereby amplifying grid resilience and flexibility within the region.

According to Florian Antwerpen, Managing Director of Kyon Energy, “As the share of renewable energy in the electricity mix increases, the need for flexible large battery storage systems is growing,” underlining the pivotal role battery energy storage systems play in mitigating power supply fluctuations and averting grid congestion.

The anticipated operational commencement for the battery facility is slated for the culmination of next year.

Kyon Energy, with a track record of developing and deploying 121 MW of energy storage projects, currently boasts an extensive exceeding 7 GW of forthcoming projects, alongside over 650 MW of authorized schemes that are primed for implementation. In a recent milestone achievement, the company secured regulatory green light for a monumental 100-MW battery project in the state of back in March.


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