Enerparc AG Unveils 87.1-MWp Solar Park in Saxony, Germany, with Hydrogen Pilot Potential

German developer AG has officially inaugurated the 87.1-MWp Zeithain solar park, marking a significant milestone in . Situated in the district of Meissen within the state of Saxony, the project, constructed in nine phases spanning from 2016 to 2024, represents a concerted effort towards sustainable energy solutions in the region.

The solar park, strategically positioned on a former military site, required extensive preparatory measures, including exploratory actions and clearance operations for munitions, as well as remediation efforts to address contaminated areas. Enerparc's subsidiary, Sunnic Lighthouse, assumes responsibility for the trading of solar power generated by the facility.

Recognizing the energy demands of local industrial enterprises, Enerparc envisions further development beyond solar power alone. The company aims to pioneer a pilot initiative in the area, leveraging the proximity to energy-intensive industries. In the immediate future, plans include the establishment of an additional ground-mounted solar plant, capable of supplying power to a pilot electrolyser with a capacity of up to 17 MWp.

Looking ahead, Enerparc anticipates the potential for expanded renewable energy infrastructure, with prospects for constructing larger solar parks in Zeithain and its environs in the medium to long term.


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