Missouri’s Springfield Propels Renewable Natural Gas Project to Harness Biogas Resources

The City of Springfield Environmental Services in provided an update on its renewable (RNG) project during the June 4 City Council Lunch Workshop, outlining plans to leverage biogas generated at the Noble Hill Sanitary Landfill and Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The proposed project aims to convert biogas into RNG and deliver this renewable energy source to the natural gas pipelines . Environmental Services staff conducted a Renewable Natural Gas Feasibility Study to assess project viability and explore options for monetizing the biogas resource.

According to the study's findings, converting biogas to RNG emerges as the most beneficial use, offering opportunities to fund environmental liabilities, produce renewable energy, and protect City ratepayers from excessive rate increases. The project entails designing and installing biogas cleaning equipment, gas compression facilities, and a natural gas interconnection point.

Initial capital investment for construction is estimated at $31.6 million, with an additional $3 million required annually for operations and maintenance. Despite the significant financial commitment, the City is actively pursuing financial and grant opportunities to support the project's implementation.

The feasibility study projects annual net revenue ranging from $4-19 million after accounting for operational expenses, providing a promising avenue for revenue generation while fulfilling Environmental Services' mission of safeguarding the region's natural resources.

In March, City Council approved the use of the design-build project delivery method for the RNG project. Environmental Services subsequently issued a Request for Qualifications and expects design proposals from shortlisted firms by August.

With anticipated commencement in fall, the project targets bringing RNG capability online by fall of 2025, marking a significant step towards sustainable waste management and renewable energy production for the City of Springfield.


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