Milestone Achieved as Viking Wind Farm Produces First Power on Shetland Island

Scotland's Shetland island celebrated a significant achievement as the 443MW commenced its first power generation, marking a pivotal moment in the region's renewable energy landscape.

The milestone coincides with preparations for Shetland's integration into the GB electricity transmission through the Shetland High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) subsea project, spearheaded by SSEN Transmission, with energisation anticipated later this summer.

As engineers progress through commissioning, the Viking wind farm is poised to become the UK's most productive onshore wind farm upon entering full commercial operations in summer 2024, enhancing Shetland's energy security and contributing to national renewable energy targets.

Heather Donald, ' Onshore Renewables Development and Construction Director, highlighted the significance of the milestone in advancing sustainable energy solutions:

“This latest milestone is another step towards cleaner, more secure, homegrown power for Shetland, Scotland and the UK. Once again our expert teams have shown what can be achieved in the development, construction and operation of world-class renewable power assets as we look to lead the transition to a net zero future.”

John Scott, SSEN Transmission's Programme Director, emphasized the broader implications of Shetland's grid connection for energy security and renewable energy development:

“The first flow of power from Shetland to the mainland on the Shetland HVDC link is a key moment for the Shetland community. Full energisation, linking Shetland to the GB transmission system for the first time will be crucial in delivering Shetland's energy security as well as enabling extensive renewable generation development and export.”

As Viking Wind Farm progresses towards full operation, efforts to connect Shetland's existing electricity distribution network to the transmission network continue, with completion anticipated in 2025. The integration of the HVDC link with the new Gremista grid supply point marks a significant milestone in Shetland's journey towards sustainable energy .

Viking Wind Farm and the Shetland HVDC project remain on track for completion in the latter half of the year, reaffirming Shetland's role as a key player in Scotland's renewable energy transition.


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