BSR Energy’s Dengie Solar Park Receives Approval from Maldon District Council

Maldon District Council has granted planning approval to for its Dengie Park project in Essex, . This 19MW endeavor will occupy 33 hectares of land, representing the latest endeavor by BSR Energy in the sector.

Initially, the planning application for the project was submitted in April 2023 but faced rejection from the Maldon District Council due to concerns regarding flood risks at the proposed site and potential environmental impacts, particularly concerning the landscape, visual aspects, and potential harm to water bird populations.

In response to these concerns, BSR Energy made several adjustments and resubmitted the application in January 2024. These alterations included relocating the distribution network operator substation and storage units and conducting a flood risk sequential test to demonstrate that there were no other suitable land parcels with lower flood risk.

Furthermore, BSR Energy refined its mitigation plan for wildlife impact, incorporating a farmland bird mitigation strategy and conducting a habitat regulation assessment to minimize any adverse effects on wildlife, including water birds. The landscape and visual assessment were also revised to highlight the positive impacts of certain proposals and mitigation measures.

With the council's approval now secured, construction of the solar park is slated to commence in early 2025, with operations expected to begin within six months thereafter.

Carla Hardaker, development director at BSR Energy, expressed her satisfaction with the approval, stating, “We are delighted to have received planning permission; Dengie Solar Park will aid Maldon District Council in addressing the Climate Emergency it declared in February 2021 and in achieving its aim of becoming a carbon-neutral District by 2030.”

Hardaker emphasized the significance of projects like Dengie Solar Park in contributing to the UK government's target of achieving net-zero emissions by 2040, asserting, “The transition to renewable electricity is crucial if the UK Government is to reach its target of net zero by 2040. Dengie Solar Park and other similar projects are essential to help the nation meet its targets.”


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