Dominion Energy Hits Milestone in Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Farm Construction

has successfully installed the first turbine foundation at the Coastal Offshore Wind farm (CVOW), marking a monumental step forward in the development of the largest offshore wind project in the country.

The DEME Offshore vessel Orion played a pivotal role in positioning the monopile, supplied by EEW, at the site located 29 miles off Virginia Beach. Once completed, CVOW will boast 176 Gamesa turbines, providing a substantial boost to the region's clean energy capacity.

Robert M. Blue, Chair, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Dominion Energy, hailed the achievement as a testament to the dedication of the team. He emphasized the project's commitment to delivering reliable, affordable, and environmentally sustainable energy to customers.

Bill White, President of DEME Offshore , expressed pride in partnering with Dominion Energy on this groundbreaking initiative. He highlighted the specialized capabilities of DEME's Orion vessel, equipped with industry-leading Vibro Hammer technology, to efficiently install the massive monopiles, each weighing over 1,000 tons.

White emphasized the collaboration with skilled American union pile drivers and consortium partner Prysmian to ensure the success of the project, contributing to the delivery of locally sourced energy to the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Dominion Energy's installation timeline spans through the fall of 2024, with operations set to resume in May 2025. To mitigate potential environmental impacts, measures have been implemented to protect endangered species such as the North Atlantic right whale.

To safeguard marine life, including whales, bubble curtains – perforated hoses emitting air bubbles – will be utilized during monopile installation to minimize underwater soundwaves. Additionally, vessels will be equipped with Protected Species Observers and adhere to speed restrictions to mitigate the risk of collisions with protected species.


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