Mainstream Renewable Power and Someva Renewables Secure Approval for Major Wind Project in New South Wales

, in collaboration with Someva Renewables, has received the green light to explore a substantial 500MW wind project in , marking a significant milestone in the region's landscape.

The Forestry Corporation of New South Wales has granted the permit for this prospective project, situated between Lithgow and Bathurst. Dubbed the Sunny Corner project, it emerged victorious following a rigorous 15-month competitive and selection process, positioning it as one of the pioneering wind farms to be nestled within a New South Wales state plantation forest.

The forthcoming investigative phases entail the deployment of a meteorological mast alongside comprehensive consultations with various stakeholders, including local communities, First Nations people, forest users, councils, and businesses. This collaborative approach aims to grasp the intricacies of the local environment and co-design a community benefits program tailored to the needs of the region.

Upon completion of these preliminary stages, the project will traverse the customary development pathway, seeking planning approvals from the New South Wales Government.

Throughout the project's lifecycle, including development, construction, and operations, the Sunny Corner State Forest will remain accessible for forestry users and recreational activities, reaffirming the commitment to sustainable land use practices.

Mary Quaney, Group Chief Executive of Mainstream, lauded the vision of the Forestry Corporation, stating, “We applaud the vision of the Forestry Corporation in seeking to diversify their land use to support the renewable energy transition.” She underscored the pivotal role that the Sunny Corner Wind Farm could play in facilitating New South Wales' energy transition by providing clean, affordable, and reliable power.

Jamie Chivers, Managing Director of Someva, echoed Quaney's sentiments, highlighting the project's significance in bolstering regional prosperity. Chivers expressed enthusiasm for collaborating with local stakeholders to integrate their feedback into the proposed project, emphasizing the commitment to community engagement and inclusivity.

Anshul Chaudhary, Chief Executive of the Forestry Corporation of New South Wales, expressed delight in awarding the permit, emphasizing the rigorous selection process. He noted that this venture marks one of four wind farms to be explored within New South Wales State softwood plantations, underscoring the state's commitment to renewable energy integration.

The issuance of these permits signifies a milestone achievement following amendments to the Forestry Act 2012, enabling State Forests to host renewable energy projects in 2021.

The Sunny Corner project operates as a joint venture, with Mainstream Renewable Power holding a 51% stake and Someva Renewables owning 49%.


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