BP’s Green Hydrogen Project Advances in Oman, Targets Major Production

Plc's green venture in Oman has progressed to the concept development phase, according to a report released by the local unit of the oil and gas conglomerate, as detailed in the Socioeconomic Review Oman.

The report highlights ongoing efforts in data collection, employing advanced technologies such as light detection and ranging (LiDAR) devices, stations, and meteorological masts.

Situated near Duqm in the Al Wusta governorate of central Oman, the project aims to produce 150,000 tonnes of annually. BP initiated the project's trajectory in June 2023 by signing a project development and land use agreement with Hydrom, a state-owned company overseeing hydrogen industry development in the Sultanate.

BP has also engaged in partnerships with various entities in Oman to bolster its green hydrogen endeavors. Collaborations with the public authority OPAZ are aimed at potentially securing land within the Special Economic Zone at Duqm (SEZAD) for green hydrogen derivative development. Additionally, BP is exploring opportunities with logistics service provider Asyad in Oman's hydrogen sector.

Furthermore, BP is collaborating with the Oman Hydrogen Center to explore potential initiatives in education and skill enhancement, particularly focusing on and hydrogen-related fields.

The hydrogen production project is part of Oman's broader strategy to position itself as a leading producer of green hydrogen in the region. Oman has committed to a series of six initiatives totaling approximately USD 20 billion (EUR 18.46 billion) in investments to bolster its hydrogen ambitions.


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