Sif and Dillinger Forge Green Partnership for Offshore Wind Foundations

and have cemented their collaboration in a groundbreaking initiative aimed at supplying lower-emission steel for wind foundations while advancing monopile recycling efforts.

The signing of an addendum to their long-term steel plate supply framework agreement signifies a significant step towards achieving full circularity of monopiles, essential components in offshore wind .

Moreover, a memorandum of understanding between Sif Decom, a subsidiary of Sif, and Dillinger marks the culmination of a joint endeavor to establish a detailed design for a monopile recycling factory. This milestone underscores the commitment of both entities towards sustainable practices in the offshore wind industry.

Fred van Beers, CEO of Sif, emphasized the strategic significance of the partnership, stating, “This agreement is key to decarbonising materials such as steel. With this addendum and the MoU between Sif Decom and Dillinger, the partners support development of lower-emission steel manufacturing and circularity of materials used in offshore wind foundations.”

Stefan Rauber, Chairman of the Board of Management of Dillinger, echoed the sentiment, highlighting the multifaceted benefits of the collaboration. He remarked, “Now that monopiles can themselves be recycled, this is a real win-win situation for everyone: for the two business partners and for nature.”

The envisioned monopile recycling factory holds the promise of closing the circularity loop by efficiently providing recycled steel for Dillinger's low-emission steel production, further reinforcing the commitment towards sustainable practices.

By signing the “green steel” addendum, Sif and Dillinger have underscored their dedication to transitioning towards environmentally friendly steel production, aligning with the global efforts to combat climate change.


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