Yunlin Offshore Wind Project in Taiwan Resumes Turbine Installations

The 640MW Yunlin wind project in has restarted turbine installations with the arrival of the Seajacks Zaratan, marking a significant milestone in the project's progress.

After completing initial phases such as monopile installation, seabed preparation, and preparatory works at the pre-assembly site in Taichung, as well as vessel mobilization, the 2024 campaign at Yunlin is now underway, with two turbines successfully installed in Taiwanese waters.

Over the next few weeks, the installation process will continue with a focus on monopile and transition piece installations, along with laying activities.

As of the latest update, installation teams have achieved notable progress, having installed 36 out of the total 80 turbines, along with 56 monopile foundations, 53 transition pieces, and 28 out of 69 inner array grids, in addition to completing all 12 export cables.

and its partners have underscored the Yunlin offshore wind project as a “top priority,” committed to fulfilling electricity supply agreements spanning 20 years.

“The project team and all contractors are working at ‘full pace' to meet the scheduled targets and install all remaining monopile foundations, inner array grids, and wind turbine generators during the course of 2024,” project officials emphasized.


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