Minesto’s Dragon 12 Tidal Powerplant Successfully Delivers First Electricity to Faroe Islands Grid

Minesto has marked a significant milestone in the sector with the successful delivery of first from its Dragon 12 tidal powerplant. The company's 1.2MW utility-scale installation achieved this feat by seamlessly integrating with the national in the on February 9.

The Dragon 12 represents Minesto's inaugural foray into megawatt-scale tidal energy kites, boasting dimensions of 12 meters in width and weighing 28 tonnes. Anchored to the seabed via a tether, the subsea kite navigates an eight-shaped flight trajectory, harnessing the kinetic energy of tidal flows to generate power.

This achievement underscores Minesto's commitment to innovation and the advancement of solutions. Dr. Martin Edlund, CEO of Minesto, expressed jubilation over this pivotal moment in the company's history, stating, “This is a big day for Minesto. We have reached the most significant milestone in the history of the company by producing electricity to the grid with our megawatt-scale powerplant. We are both proud and happy and more than ever look forward to the journey ahead.”

The Dragon 12's entry into the renewable energy landscape signals a paradigm shift, offering competitive performance and cost-effectiveness suitable for the development of large-scale commercial subsea parks of tidal powerplants. Dr. Edlund highlighted the transformative impact of this achievement, stating, “What the Minesto team has achieved today is extraordinary and set a new agenda for renewable energy build-out in many areas of the world. The competitiveness of the Dragon 12 is straight to the point; it's powerful, cost-effective, and feeds predictable electricity to the grid.”

As Minesto continues to pioneer advancements in tidal energy technology, the successful commissioning of the Dragon 12 reaffirms the company's position at the forefront of sustainable energy innovation.


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