Twenty-Four Companies Qualify for Saudi Arabia’s Fifth Round of Renewable Energy Projects

Saudi Arabia's National Program (NREP) has announced the qualification of 24 companies for its fifth round of renewable energy projects. Spearheaded by the Ministry of Energy, this initiative aims to enhance the country's energy mix, with the ambitious goal of achieving 50% renewable energy for electricity production by 2030.

The Saudi Power Procurement Company (SPPC) unveiled the list of qualified entities, which includes prominent names such as EDF Renouvelables, Korea Power Corporation (KEPCO), Marubeni, C&T Corporation, TotalEnergies Renewables, and Power Construction Corporation of .

The fifth round of projects under NREP boasts a combined capacity of 3700MW, primarily comprising four ventures. These projects include the 2000MW Al Sadawi undertaking, the 1000MW Al Masa'a initiative, the 400MW Al Henakiyah 2 endeavor, and the 300MW Rabigh 2 project.

Reflecting on the program's objectives, the Ministry of Energy aims to maximize and optimize the utilization of renewable resources within Saudi Arabia's energy landscape. With an emphasis on sustainability and diversification, NREP underscores the kingdom's commitment to transitioning toward cleaner and more sustainable energy sources to meet its growing electricity demands.


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