Jan De Nul Group’s New Cable-Laying Vessel Equipped for Sustainable Operations

's latest -laying , the Fleeming Jenkin, is set to achieve enhanced environmental sustainability by incorporating engines capable of running on (bio)diesel, HVO, and methanol.

ABC Engines, the chosen provider for the vessel's propulsion, will furnish the Fleeming Jenkin with four 7200kW engines and one 1800kW engine designed to operate on clean fuels. This initiative aligns with Jan De Nul Group's commitment to reducing emissions of harmful greenhouse gases and underscores the vessel's adaptability to various eco-friendly fuels.

Notably, the Fleeming Jenkin represents Jan De Nul Group's maiden Ultra-Low Emission vessel (ULEv) featuring methanol engines. Methanol, recognized for its reduced emissions profile, further offers the advantage of widespread availability in over one hundred ports globally.

Jan Van de Velde, Director of Newbuilding at Jan De Nul Group, emphasized the positive collaboration with ABC Engines, stating, “Our cooperation results in high-quality engines that run on renewable fuel and are adapted to our vessels and needs of our customers. We prepare our fleet for the future, achieve a milestone within our sustainability goals, and above all offer a positive contribution to the climate and health of man and animal.”

Tim Berckmoes, CEO at ABC Engines, highlighted the shared long-term vision between Jan De Nul and ABC, emphasizing the commitment to innovation and energy transition. He expressed gratitude for the trust of their customers, enabling continued innovation and investment in the manufacturing industry in Flanders, facilitating further expansion of export activities.


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