Chris Stark Appointed CEO of Global Climate Consultancy Carbon Trust

Chris Stark, former member of the 's Change Committee, is set to assume the role of Chief Executive at the Trust in spring 2024, steering the organization in its efforts to advance climate action toward achieving net zero. The move follows the announcement of Tom Delay, who served as the 's Chief Executive for over two decades, stepping down in June of last year.

Julia King Baroness Brown of Cambridge, Chair of the Carbon Trust's Board, expressed delight in announcing Stark's appointment, citing his leadership in the climate action sphere both in the UK and globally.

She noted Stark's pragmatic, integral, and open approach, highlighting its alignment with the mission and values of the Carbon Trust. King also took the opportunity to acknowledge Tom Delay's exceptional contribution to climate action during his tenure, shaping the organization into a highly impactful and respected entity.

Stark, known for advising UK governments for over a decade and serving as the Chief Executive of the UK's Climate Change Committee for the past six years, shared his enthusiasm for joining the Carbon Trust. In his statement, he emphasized tackling climate change as his life's work and expressed confidence in the Carbon Trust's continuing role in this mission.

Stark acknowledged the organization's pioneering efforts over the last two decades, driving innovation in climate solutions and providing practical support to businesses, governments, and financial institutions to accelerate decarbonization. He expressed eagerness to lead the organization in the next phase, aiming to expand the Carbon Trust's positive impact even further.


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