Japan Plans to Offer Biofuel Technology to Aid Ukraine’s Post-War Reconstruction

is set to provide with biofuel manufacturing technology as part of its support for the reconstruction efforts in the Eastern European country, which has been deeply affected by the conflict with Russia. The initiative will be introduced during a meeting in Tokyo next month, involving officials from both nations' public and private sectors, to discuss comprehensive assistance for Ukraine's recovery.

Given Japan's constitutional limitations on arms exports, the country is focusing on non-military ways to contribute to Ukraine's reconstruction after Russia's invasion. The proposed biofuel technology transfer is anticipated to create a new industry in Ukraine, leveraging its agricultural resources for fuel production.

Japanese firms are expected to collaborate in providing production technology and related equipment during the Japan-Ukraine Conference for Promotion of Economic Reconstruction scheduled for February 19. , derived from crops and livestock waste, are gaining attention globally for their potential in power generation and as part of decarbonization efforts.

The Japanese government envisions the successful establishment of biofuel-related businesses in Ukraine, contributing not only to the country's recovery but also potentially boosting its foreign currency earnings. In addition to biofuels, Japan is considering offering prosthetic legs manufactured with 3D printing technology and support for treating post-traumatic stress disorder.

As part of its broader assistance strategy, Japan is also exploring the provision of remote medical care and smart farming technologies to contribute to Ukraine's medium- and long-term recovery. The Japanese government has been conducting surveys to understand Ukraine's specific needs and plans to engage private investments in sectors such as energy, medical care, and .


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