Trinity Structures Completes Off-Grid Electrified Solar Project for Costco’s EV Fleet

Trinity Structures recently concluded the installation of off- electrified structures at Costco's largest distribution center in Mira Loma, CA. Notably, the entire project, spanning design, construction, and deployment, was completed within four months, contrasting with the extended timelines often associated with similar initiatives.

Trinity attributes this efficiency to the pressing challenges faced by fleet owners dealing with evolving state and federal regulations, exemplified by 's WAIRE Program. Issues such as electric development complexities, grid capacity limitations, and delays in grid-tied infrastructure have prompted a demand for integrated electrified structures.

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In alignment with its Climate Action Plan, Costco has committed to transitioning depot yard trucks from diesel to alternative fuel models by 2035. Additionally, the company aims to expand on-site solar operations where feasible. To navigate the intricate landscape of regulations and infrastructure challenges, Costco sought an end-to-end electrification partner.

Trinity's electrified structures function as modular ecosystems generating energy through solar power, converting energy via inverters and batteries, and distributing energy through EV or backup power. The successful deployment at Costco's Mira Loma Distribution Center signifies progress in efficiently integrating sustainable and electrified solutions, contributing to Costco's environmental objectives.


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