Ardian Takes Full Control of Latin American Solar Assets in Strategic Split with Solarpack

has successfully concluded a transaction, securing complete ownership of multiple assets in Latin America with a cumulative capacity nearing 50MW. The move comes in the aftermath of the mutual decision to dissolve its joint venture with , a prominent Spanish company.

Ardian now possesses 100% ownership of three solar plants situated in northern Chile, totaling 26.5MW, and a sole solar plant located in southern Peru, boasting a capacity of 22.2MW. The strategic decision to part ways with Solarpack aligns with Ardian's vision of optimizing its solar plant portfolio in Chile and Peru.

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Ardian expressed, “In a joint decision after a fruitful partnership, Ardian and Solarpack have chosen to dissolve their joint venture, allowing each partner to retain 100% ownership of their respective portfolios of solar plants. This streamlined approach aligns with Ardian's strategic vision to enhance operational efficiency and seamlessly integrate the solar PV plants into Ardian's global renewable portfolio.”

The concluded transaction enables Ardian to incorporate the retained solar PV plants seamlessly into its global renewable portfolio, aiming for increased efficiency and enhanced operating performance. In the aftermath of the transaction, Solarpack assumes full ownership of Panamericana, a 21.2MW solar PV plant, and Moquegua, a 19.4MW solar PV plant, both situated in southern Peru.

Moreover, Ardian has terminated existing Asset Management agreements with Solarpack for its retained assets, paving the way for AGR-AM, the renewable asset manager exclusively dedicated to Ardian's portfolio in Spain and Latin America, to assume direct management responsibilities.

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This strategic realignment seeks to align asset management with Ardian's core objectives and leverage AGR-AM's extensive experience in optimizing renewable assets across Spain, Portugal, and Latin America. The simplified structure empowers Ardian to exercise full control over the plants, enabling more direct management and seamless integration with the rest of the Ardian Clean Energy Evergreen Fund (ACEEF) portfolio, which includes recently acquired plants in Peru.


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