Falcon Capital Dakhla and Hydrogene de France Collaborate on Ambitious 8-GW Green Hydrogen Project in Morocco

, based in Morocco, has joined forces with French hydrogen energy promoter Hydrogene de SA to co-develop an ambitious 8-GW green hydrogen production project in North Africa. Underpinned by a substantial 17 GW of renewables capacity, the project, known as White Dunes, is estimated to require an initial investment of approximately USD 2 billion (EUR 1.84 billion). The collaborative effort aims to establish a hub for the production of what is touted as “some of the world's cheapest green hydrogen.”

Led by Falcon Capital, the White Dunes project envisions the installation of electrolysers in the Dakhla region of southern Morocco, powered by an extensive 10 GW of wind and 7 GW of (PV) capacity. Spanning an expansive 150,000 hectares (370,700 acres), the complex is slated to commence production by 2028.

Damien Havard, CEO of HDF Energy, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “The collaboration with Falcon Capital Dakhla represents the perfect synergy between two complementary entities, enabling the production of some of the world's most competitive green hydrogen in Morocco.”

The project, which has undergone nearly two years of feasibility studies, preliminary project design, and phased planning, aligns with Morocco's goals. The North African nation aims to source at least 52% of its total power from renewables by 2030 and escalate that figure to 80% by 2050.

To support these targets, Morocco is set to deploy 10 GW of renewable energy capacity by the end of the decade, making initiatives like White Dunes pivotal to the country's sustainable energy transition.


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