Masdar Inaugurates 2GW Solar Power Project in Abu Dhabi Ahead of COP28

has officially unveiled the PV project, a groundbreaking 2GW single-site solar initiative located 35 kilometers from city. Developed in partnership with Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA), EDF Renewables, and JinkoPower, alongside procurer Emirates Water and Electricity Company (EWEC), the project stands as a testament to the region's commitment to renewable energy.

Spanning over 20 square kilometers in the desert, the solar plant was constructed in a single phase and boasts the capacity to power nearly 200,000 homes, contributing to an annual displacement of 2.4 million tonnes of carbon emissions. The project, a significant driver of economic activity, created 4,500 jobs during the peak of its construction phase.

Al Dhafra Solar PV distinguishes itself through the application of innovative bi-facial technology, utilizing almost 4 million solar panels to capture sunlight on both sides, maximizing energy yield. This technological advancement underscores the project's role in pushing the boundaries of solar power efficiency, innovation, and cost competitiveness.

Sultan Al Jaber, Chairman of Masdar, expressed pride in the project's completion, attributing its success to the visionary leadership of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE. Al Jaber stated, “This world-leading solar project demonstrates remarkable progress in solar power efficiency, innovation, and cost competitiveness – setting a new record-low tariff.”

With days remaining before the commencement of , Al Jaber called for global unity in delivering the energy transition, urging a tripling of renewables capacity and a doubling of energy efficiency by 2030. The Al Dhafra project, with its scale and ambition, serves as a global example in this regard.

Ownership of the project is distributed among key partners, with TAQA holding a 40% stake, Masdar owning 20%, and EDF Renewables and JinkoPower each holding a 20% stake. The plant, operating under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with EWEC, will significantly contribute to raising Abu Dhabi's solar power production capacity to 3.2GW.


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