San Antonio Commits $30.8 Million to Pioneering Municipal Solar Project

The city of San Antonio, , has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative to invest USD 30.8 million (EUR 28.9m) in the installation of (PV) panels across city-owned sites, marking the initiation of the largest on-site municipal program to date. San Antonio City Council granted approval for the ambitious project on Thursday, solidifying the city's commitment to advancing sustainable energy practices.

In partnership with San Antonio-based installer Big Sun Solar, the comprehensive program encompasses the installation and long-term maintenance of PV arrays at 42 city-owned facilities. More than half of the designated sites will feature PV panels mounted on rooftops and parking lots, creating solar canopies. Additionally, solar shades are planned for deployment in parks and community centers.

The project's implementation is scheduled to commence in the coming spring, with completion anticipated by the autumn of 2026. Currently, 10 city buildings in San Antonio already benefit from solar panels. The City Council foresees annual savings of approximately USD 1.8 million as a result of the expanded solar project.

for the endeavor will be secured through a combination of sources, including USD 18.3 million in taxable bonds, a USD 2.5 million loan, and around USD 10 million in tax credits. San Antonio's overarching objective is to achieve net zero municipal operations by the year 2040, aligning with broader sustainability goals and demonstrating the city's commitment to a greener future.


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