Chevron Lummus Global Completes Renewable Fuel Conversion Project at El Segundo Refinery

Lummus Global LLC announced on November 7 the successful completion and startup of an ISOTERRA unit as a pivotal component of Chevron's renewable fuel conversion project at the El Segundo Refinery in Southern California.

Leveraging the refinery's existing assets and 's proprietary catalyst and reactor internals technology, the ISOTERRA unit achieved remarkable diesel yields. The transformation from a diesel hydrotreater (DHT) facilitated a swift turnaround of the existing unit, positioning El Segundo as Chevron's inaugural petroleum refinery capable of supplying diesel fuel derived entirely from renewable or traditional feedstocks.

Rajesh Samarth, Chief Commercial Officer of Chevron Lummus Global, remarked, “This is a significant milestone for CLG, and we take great pride in our partnership with Chevron to deliver lower solutions to the market. The successful startup of this one-of-a-kind ISOTERRA unit demonstrates the viability and scalability of our renewable fuels technology. It also highlights our commitment to helping our customers meet their goals and satisfy the growing demand for alternative fuels.”

CLG's ISOTERRA technology represents an all-hydroprocessing route specifically designed for converting lipid-rich feedstocks into ASTM-approved renewable diesel or (SAF). This process serves as a practical alternative for the transportation sector, contributing to the delivery of lower carbon solutions. The achievement underscores CLG's dedication to innovation and sustainability, aligning with the global push for alternative and eco-friendly energy sources.


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