Genex Power Completes Commissioning of 50-MW Tesla-backed Battery Project in Queensland

Australian company announced the successful completion of commissioning for its 50-MW/100-MWh Bouldercombe battery project in Queensland, allowing it to operate at its full capacity.

Despite a fire incident at the end of September, the facility will commence operations using 38 of its 40 Megapacks supplied by Motors Pty Ltd. Two replacement Megapacks are scheduled for installation and commissioning by Tesla in early December 2023, replacing the unit that experienced the fire and an adjacent unit that suffered thermal damage to its electrical insulation, according to an earlier announcement.

Genex Chief Executive Craig Francis expressed satisfaction with the outcome, stating, “Bouldercombe is our first battery project, and after the fire event in late September, delivering it with only a modest delay and within budget is a fantastic outcome for Genex and its partners.”

The commencement of operations coincides with the approach of the Queensland summer. Under an Autobidder offtake agreement with Tesla, the battery will be under the operational control of Tesla, utilizing its Autobidder algorithmic bidding technology to optimize the facility's performance and maximize revenues in the arbitrage and frequency control ancillary services markets.


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