Orsted Employs AI-Driven Asset Performance Management for US Renewable and Battery Ventures

Orsted  is embarking on a significant initiative to enhance its asset performance management across 5,500 MW of onshore renewable and assets in the United States. The company has partnered with SparkCognition, an AI software provider, to deploy advanced AI solutions aimed at increasing energy production, reducing maintenance costs, and enhancing operational efficiency.

Orsted's expansive Americas Region portfolio includes nearly 6 GW of onshore wind, , and storage projects that are either in operation or under construction across key regions in the United States, such as , the Midwest, and the southeast.

Rob Keiser, VP of Asset Management, Americas at Orsted, emphasized the importance of innovative solutions to meet the growing demand for clean energy. He stated, “By deploying SparkCognition's cutting-edge Renewable Suite, we can improve the effectiveness and lifespan of our land-based assets and maximize energy output, propelling us toward a more sustainable future.”

SparkCognition's Renewable Suite is a comprehensive cloud-based platform designed for asset performance management, specifically tailored for utility-scale wind, solar, and assets. Powered by patented AI and machine learning technology, the suite offers predictive recommendations to identify potential failures, quickly pinpoint underperforming assets, and ensure prompt corrective actions.

One of the notable features of the Renewable Suite is its high scalability, enabling it to accommodate a large fleet of assets within a short timeframe. This flexibility ensures a seamless and efficient integration process for clients like Orsted.

Sandeep Gupta, VP at SparkCognition, underscored the suite's capability to provide owners and operators with a robust data foundation and self-serve models for generating actionable insights. Additionally, the platform facilitates collaboration among multiple stakeholders in the renewable energy sector.

The combination of SparkCognition's patented AI technology, expertise in the energy sector, and dedication to customer success positions it as a valuable partner in Orsted's journey to optimize asset performance and deliver a sustainable and efficient renewable energy future.


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