Consortium Proposing West of Orkney Wind Farm Progresses with Onshore Planning Application in Scotland

The consortium behind the ambitious West of Orkney project, which aims to generate up to 2 GW of power offshore, has taken a significant step forward by submitting an planning application to the Highland Council in Scotland.

This comprehensive document outlines the intricate details of the onshore activities, with a focus on essential elements such as the proposed cable landfalls along the north Caithness coast, the location of the project's substation, which will likely be situated in or near Spittal in Caithness, and the extensive network of underground cables that will span approximately 20 kilometers (about 12.4 miles) to connect to the substation.

The multi-billion-dollar endeavor is being spearheaded by a formidable consortium comprising Macquarie Group Ltd's Green Investment Group (GIG), SE, and Scotland's Renewable Development Group (RIDG). Their plan involves erecting a wind farm consisting of up to 125 turbines, strategically positioned 30 kilometers west of the Orkney Mainland and 25 kilometers north of the Sutherland coast.

In a notable milestone last month, became the first project within the ScotWind leasing process to seek offshore consent from the Scottish government.

Development manager Jack Farnham emphasized the critical importance of obtaining both offshore and onshore consents in a timely manner, recognizing their significance in attracting substantial investments for this ambitious venture. He conveyed this sentiment in a statement released today.

The timeline for commissioning the offshore wind farm is currently set for 2029, promising a significant contribution to Scotland's renewable energy goals.


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