Greenvolt Initiates Construction of 4.5 MWp Solar PV Plant in Portugal’s Azores

Energias Renovaveis SA has officially commenced construction on a 4.5-MWp photovoltaic () plant in 's Azores Autonomous Region. This significant development underscores the company's commitment to advancing clean energy solutions in the area.

The forthcoming PV plant, set to be situated on the picturesque island of Sao Miguel, will feature approximately 8,000 solar panels, collectively contributing to an annual generation of over 6,000 MWh.

With this new addition, Greenvolt solidifies its position as a key player in the region's renewable energy landscape, boasting a total solar capacity of 9.1 MWp in the Azores. This figure includes a 1.2-MWp solar asset already operational on Sao Miguel and Terceira, in addition to 3.4 MWp of self-consumption schemes established in collaboration with various local companies.

Greenvolt's CEO, Joao Manso Neto, expressed the company's ambition to not only enhance its presence in the Azores but also to actively contribute to the region's energy transition. This project serves as a testament to the ongoing efforts to expand clean power generation in the Azores.


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