US Federal Government Allocates $8 Million for Humboldt Bay Offshore Wind Terminal Development

The Federal Government has approved a substantial grant of over $8 million to advance the development of an wind terminal in Humboldt Bay, California. This will be instrumental in facilitating critical planning and infrastructure activities for the project, with a primary focus on establishing a heavy-lift facility at the Redwood Marine Terminal.

The $8.6 million grant encompasses a comprehensive scope of work, including studies, site design, permitting procedures, and the formulation of a bay-wide master plan dedicated to offshore wind development. Additionally, a portion of the funds will be allocated for project and grant administration expenses, ensuring a smooth and efficient development process.

Representative Jared Huffman emphasized the significance of this investment, underscoring the commitment of the Biden-Harris administration and Democrats to bolster initiatives. “Offshore wind is an important part of that equation,” he stated. He further pointed out that his Northern California district possesses favorable conditions for contributing to the administration's offshore wind energy goals and expressed satisfaction in securing the grant to support one of the pioneering offshore wind projects on the West Coast.

Bob Karl, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Crowley Wind Services, welcomed the government's decision, expressing the company's readiness to collaborate on the Humboldt Heavy Lift Marine Terminal's development. Karl noted that the Port Infrastructure Development Program grant secured by the Humboldt Bay Harbor District would enable them to advance their partnership in close coordination with various stakeholders, including the Harbor District, County, Tribal Nations, and other key organizations, marking a significant step forward in the offshore wind project's progress.


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